February 2nd is an important date to a number of religious institutions of the town. 
Traditionally, in Oristano, Guild members, brotherhoods and some religious associations go to church very early in morning – some of them going to their family chapel; during the Eucharistic service, some candles receive a blessing. After Mass, the members of all these institutions pay a visit to sick members, widows or widowers of dead members, and all the people who are particularly close to the association, to bring each of them a blessed candle. 
This ritual is an expression of the special communion and solidarity binding members and sympathizers of the associations. Members of the Guilds, too, go to visit other members and friends of the association to bring them a candle.

On the same day, an ancient tradition has it that ‘S’Oberaiu Majore’ of the Farmers’ Guild and the ‘Majorale en Cabo’ of the Carpenters’ Guild – the highest authorities of the two associations – are entitled to appoint their own ‘Componidori’. By giving the designated horsemen a blessed candle, the highest authorities of both Guilds officially appoint ‘Su Componidori’ of their own Sartiglia, i.e. the two riders who, respectively, will lead the joust on the last Sunday and following Tuesday of Carnival.

In recent years, the blessed candle giving ceremony, which marks the appointment of ‘su Componidori’, has been increasingly assuming the profile of an actual celebration for the whole town. A thick crowd attends to the ceremony: all members of the Guild, accompanied by drummers and buglers, form a parade heading for the appointed horseman’s house. A tall candle adorned with red bows is offered by ‘S’Oberaiu Majore’ and a prayer is said to the protector Saint of the corporation: ‘Santu Giuanni t’aggiudidi’ (‘May St.John help you’). These rituals formally consecrate the appointment of the Farmers’ Guild’s ‘Componidori’. 
In the same way, the invocation ‘Santu Giuseppi t’assistada’ (‘May St.Joseph assist you’)  and a tall candle tied with pink and light blue ribbons, donated by the ‘Majorale en Cabo’, marks the appointment of the horseman who will guide the joust of the Carpenters’ Guild. 
At the same time, a blessed candle is offered to the aides-de-camp, the respective ‘pariglia’ mates of both ‘Componidoris’.

Delicious almond sweets and toasts with the Vernaccia wine will characterize the day. Guild Members, horsemen, countless enthusiasts and friends of Sartiglia will enjoy hanging out till late evening, to celebrate the appointment and congratulate with the riders, entrusted with such a meaningful assignment.

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