Su componidori

Ceremonial rites of Sartiglia are focused on the figure of ‘Su Componidori’. 
Every year, on Candlemas day (2nd February), the maximum authorities of Farmers’ and Carpenters’ Guilds officially appoint their own head of the joust. 
The entrustment of a blessed tall candle marks the investiture of the horsemen designed to lead the tournament on last Sunday and Tuesday of Carnival, respectively. Read more.




The horsemen of Sartiglia

Horsemen are definitely one of the main elements of the Sartiglia. 
Every year, the passage of the imposing cortege expresses the horsemen’s increasing endeavour to add magnificence and beauty to the Sartiglia: elegant horses in their Sunday’s best, richly adorned by bows and satins in a riot of colours, are mounted by riders wearing precious costumes of Sardinian and Spanish folklore. Read more.




The guilds

During the Spanish period, the Royal Cities of the Kingdom of Sardinia – namely the seven non-enfeoffed towns of Cagliari, Sassari, Oristano, Alghero, Iglesias, Castelsardo and Bosa – were granted special privileges, including the opportunity to establish guilds.  Read more.

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